UFC 77: Jorge Gurgel talks about Rich Franklin and his fight with Alvin Robinson

The Brazilian Jorge Gurgel seems very confident about his fight with Alvin Robinson at UFC 77-Hostile Territory.  He admits that Robinson is a very tough fighter, but that’s not going to stop him from getting his victory.  Gurgel is coming in with back to back wins against Danny Abbadi and Diego Saraiva via unanimous decisions.  This lightweight warrior plans to enter the octagon and “beat him down” as he explains what the outcome will be this Saturday.

Here’s a snip from Gurgel:

“(Robinson) is a tough wrestler, very big for the weight class and is
very explosive…He’s
a very good athlete, probably the best opponent I’ve had so far. But
I’m going to beat him down. I think he lacks heart. If things don’t go
his way, I think he’ll fold…I’ve been fighting for 15 years and I think I’ve learned how to peak at the right time.”

He goes on to talk about his training partner, Rich Franklin.  Gurgel
talks about how Rich wasn’t “mentally there” when he fought Anderson
Silva the first time.  He states that “he’s doing everything right this
time” and that this is going to give him a good chance of winning.

Here’s a snip of Gurgel and what he had to say about Franklin:


“He trained, but he wasn’t mentally there…It didn’t
surprise me. He came out with a different look on his face. We didn’t
know what to do. At the same time, Rich is not the type of person who
would pull out of a fight with excuses. He decided to gut it through
and, of course, it didn’t work out.  He’s doing everything right
this time regardless of the pressure. I think this time he’s going to
come out to fight. If he doesn’t, he obviously didn’t learn his lesson.”



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