UFC 76: Mauricio Shogun Suffered a Ligament Injury

Mauricio Shogun had injured his knee and suffered a ligament damage prior to his fight against Forrest Griffin at UFC 76-Knockout.  The exact time of injury is unknown, but during an interview he mentions that the injury did affect his training for his fight against Griffin.

Shogun states that he does not want to make any sort of excuse for his loss because he chose to enter the octagon and fight.   He gives all of the credit to Griffin as he won fair and square.

Dana White wanted Shogun to participate in December’s UFC 79 that will be held in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, Shogun is expected to undergo surgery tomorrow (Friday) and his doctors say that he should be recovered no later than early 2008.

We hope to see Mauricio Rua back in the gym as soon as he recovers and the best of luck to him on his surgery.

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