UFC 76: Chuck Liddell Wants to Retire from MMA?!

Chuck Liddellfought against Keith Jardine last night at UFC 76-Knockout.  Both fighters showed a great deal of passion and desire to win, but it was Jardine who had that extra burst of energy to finish off the fight and took home the victory.

When Bruce Buffer read out the results of the split decision win in favor of Jardine, Liddell looked stunned, yet very upset.  Liddell quickly laid back against the fenced octagon, squatted and then looked up with tremendous disappointment.

Dana White, the current President of UFC and good friend to Liddell, had a few words with him.  This is what Dana White had told YahooSports:

“He needs to do what’s right for him and not worry about us…This isn’t the kind of sport you can be in half-heartedly. If you don’t have the passion for it, it’s time to get out. Only Chuck really knows how he feels, but you wonder because he hasn’t looked the same, fire-wise, in either of these last two fights.”

So will Chuck Liddell retire or is he confused at this point of his MMA career?  What do you guys think he should do?  We want to hear from you…



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