UFC 75: UFC Breaks PPV Record – 5.6 Million Viewers Quinton Jackson vs Dan Henderson


The UFC just keeps on getting more and more popular worldwide as they break their own record for most viewers watching a UFC event.  Since their date of birth, in 1993, UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion kicked butt big time!

Spike TV announced a whopping 4.7 million viewers and approximately 5.6 million during the main event between Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson for the unification belt.  Their names will be kept in the record books unless the UFC keeps it going at this rate.  It shows that having the UFC on FREE television was worth it as it may have attracted an even larger crowd for future events.

Imagine it would have been Live and FREE?!  It would have probably guaranteed even larger crowds, especially throughout European countries.  The rumors regarding UFC and how it is the fastest growing sport today has finally proven to be true.

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