UFC 71: Rampage “whooped that ass”

We had all been waiting for this rematch for 4 years after Quinton Jackson fought a long hard war with Chuck Liddell back in Pride’s ring in 2003.  As soon as Dana White told us that Quinton signed with the UFC, we all knew that this fight was bound to happen.  It was a memorable night on Saturday, May 26th 2007 as Rampage finally settled this once and for all.

I know that some of you are thinking that a third fight could be different, but honestly…Rampage proved that he is a better fighter and let’s just leave it at that.  If Chuck wants to ever get back at Rampage a third time, he would probably have to train his butt off even harder and climb that long ladder again…but I really don’t see this happening.

Everyone talks about how this fight was another one of the many upsets we’ve had this year.  Let me clear this up for some of you…this fight does NOT fit in the category of 2007 MMA upsets!  Chuck lost before and he simply lost again.  Both fighters have improved in their own ways, but at the end of the day…Rampage is our new UFC champ.  Chuck Liddell avenged all of his losses except for one— and Rampage whooped that ASS just like he said he would.

With top fighters signing up to the UFC today and others currently in Pride FC, it will be interesting to see how long Rampage can hold his UFC light heavyweight championship belt.

Incase any of you missed out on this awesome fight, don’t you worry because I always have the hookup…enjoy:



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