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UFC 116 Referee Josh Rosenthal Says Lesnar Responded To Every Command In First Round Beating

MMA referee Josh Rosenthal talks about the UFC 116 main event fight he refereed, a bout between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.  He explains how Lesnar took a lot of strikes from Carwin during the fight, but he let the bout continue because Lesnar responded to every single command he gave him.  Lesnar eventually survived the first round and went on to defeat Carwin via submission in the second round.  An epic MMA comeback!

“He took some hard shots when they were against the fence, he was looking for a way out. He was blocking some punches. At one point he tried to spin to push Shane away and took a couple shots. And then again, went for a deep half guard position and took a couple more shots. When he curled up after that is when I commanded him to fight back, which at that point he did, and then he went for feet on the hips to push Carwin away and was able to get to his knees. He pretty much ran with it. He heard — he responded to my commands.”

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