TUF 6 Finale: Weigh-In Results

Roger Huerta (155 lbs.) Vs. Clay Guida (155 lbs.)

Tommy Speer (170 lbs.) Vs. Mac Danzig (168.5 lbs.)

Jared Rollins (169 lbs.) Vs. John Koppenhaver (170 lbs.)

Billy Miles (170 lbs.) Vs. George Sotiropoulos (169 lbs.)

Ben Saunders (169 lbs.) Vs. Dan Barrera (170 lbs.)

Troy Mandaloniz (170 lbs.) Vs. Richie Hightower (170 lbs.)

Matt Arroyo (169 lbs.) Vs. John Kolosci (170 lbs.)

Roman Mitichyan (170 lbs.) Vs. Dorian Price (170 lbs.)

Paul Georgieff (170 lbs.) Vs. Jonathan  Goulet (170 lbs.)

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