Tito Ortiz to return in May of 2008: “I really want to fight at 100%”

So where the hell is Tito Ortiz??!  Tito had stated not too long ago that he wanted to have some time off from the entire MMA scene and now it looks like he will look to return to the octagon by May of 2008.

In 2007, Tito fought only one time and his draw against Rashad Evans at UFC 73-Stacked (results and pics) wasn’t as exciting as the Tito we are used to seeing.  He explains how bad he feels not fighting like he’s supposed to and blames it all on his past injuries.  From torn knee ligaments to back injuries, Tito hasn’t felt as strong as the good old Huntington-Beach-Bad-Boy-kicking-ass days.  It seems like Tito has something planned for all his fans and I really hope he does what he preaches.  We’re all used to his talking the talk, but we’ll have to wait and see if he can walk the walk again. 

Here’s a snip from Tito Ortiz himself:

“My last fight, before I fought Rashad (Evans), I wasn’t
100%, and I just wanted to make sure if I ever fight again I’m going to be
100%," Ortiz told MMAWeekly. "The back injury that I sustained kind
of hindered me for fight time. Now it’s a lot better, and May will be my next
fight…I spoke to Lorenzo (Fertitta), and it looks like in May…They’re going to
wait until May, so the next Cinco de Mayo weekend will be Tito Ortiz’ next
fight…I really want to fight at 100%. I’m making these guys look good when I’m
not 100%. When I had the draw with Rashad, I should have never did that. I
should have beat him, but it’s all right. We’ll do it again. I just want to
make sure I’m 100% before all of my fights so I don’t let any of my fans down
when I lose or if I get a draw or something like that because I felt like I let
my fans down and myself down, and I don’t want to let that happen."

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