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Tim Sylvia Signs With Adrenaline MMA, Expects To Make UFC Return In One Or Two Years

When Fedor Emelianenko was released by M-1 Global, Sibling Entertainment was forced to to give up the M-1 Global name over to Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finkelchtein.  The new name is now called Adrenaline MMA and their goal is to use the money they have by inking deals with several top-level fighters instead of having just one superstar like Fedor.

Adrenaline MMA approached Tim Sylvia as soon as they found out that he had one more fight left with the UFC.  It seems like the rumors that were being passed around the forums a few weeks back were indeed true.  Sylvia had to go to where the money is at even though he states that he simply "wants to fight the best."  We’ll just see how well he does in his new home over at Adrenaline MMA.

Here’s a snip from the former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia:

We’ve been approached for a while about different
organizations and stuff like that, and we were with the UFC… Now, you know I
had one fight left and just some great offers are coming in, and Monte’s like
‘hey, let me talk to Dana and see if maybe they’ll release you and see if we
can go out there for a year or two and make some really good money… So the UFC
knew the offer and they said they would allow me to be released and that’s what
they did. And Monte (Cox) obviously took the advantage that he has and signed
me as soon as he could… We left on a good relationship, willing and knowing
that we’re coming back in a year or two to the UFC if everything goes right… I’ve
come to a crossroads in my career where I’ve fought all the best guys in the
UFC. There’s a handful of guys outside the UFC that I really want to fight and
I don’t think the UFC’s going to get some of them. Some of them are a little
too high priced for the UFC to get. So I just think this is the best avenue for
me right now.”

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