Thiago Alves Ready To Take On Winner of Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn At UFC 94

Thiago "Pitbull" Alves will be sitting right next to the octagon at UFC 94 to check out one of the most anticipated rematch bouts in UFC history.  Alves plans to focus on this main event between BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre (GSP) as he is next in line to face the winner for a welterweight title shot. 

Alves believes that GSP is the "better athlete" compared to Penn, but overall Penn is "more complete because he’s best on striking, better on the ground."  He has tremendous respect for both fighters, but will be ready to take on the winner of this fight or whoever is handed to him by the UFC.

Here’s a snip from Alves (props to

"It’ll be a tough fight and I’ll be there watching in the first chairs.  Taking into account the fact that the fight will be disputed in 25 minutes, I believe that (Georges) St. Pierre has more chances, because he’s a better athlete, but technically, I believe that BJ Penn is more complete because he’s best on striking, better on the ground, only in wrestling I believe that GSP is better, but if BJ comes in great shape (at UFC 94) I think he has more chances…any of them would be great.  I’m a big fan of both and, truly, I believe I can make a big fight against both.  Maybe against GSP could be a more exciting fight, but I think BJ also would accept striking with me…I want my title shot, no matter against whom.  I respect both, but anyone who comes will go down."

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