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The new and improved remake of “American Gladiators” to be aired on January 8, 2008: Gina Carano selected as one of the gladiators

Gina Carano has been selected as one of the first gladiators in the new re-make of the 80’s-90’s television show "American Gladiators."   The thrilling game show was a hit during its time as it aired on national television between 1989-1996.  It seems like NBC decided to bring this series out once again in hopes of a large audience. 

According to NBC, Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali will be hosting the events and this is how the new and improved "American Gladiators" will look like (Just like the old one, but with a little twist):

There will be a total of 12 gladiators consisting of 6 men and 6 women.

Male Gladiators:

  • Hammer
  • Justice
  • Mayhem
  • Titan (Mike O’Hearn)
  • Militia
  • Toa
  • Wolf

Female Gladiators:

  • Blast
  • Crush (Gina Carano)
  • Fury
  • Venom
  • Siren
  • Stealth
  • Helga

They will also bring out those classic events:

  • Powerball
  • The Wall (this time there will be water below)
  • The
    Joust (they have included water below as well)
  • Hang Tough
  • Assault
  • Pyramid
  • Gauntlet
  • The Eliminator
  • Earthquake (NEW)

Note: There will be additional events added to the game show as this is not the complete list.

The new season will have 2 episodes on the night of its debut.  It
is set to be aired on Sunday-January 6, 2007 @ 9pm ET.  There
will also be another new episode the following night, on January 7, @
8pm ET.  "American Gladiators" looks to be replacing the traditional
Monday Night Football as it will be shown on Mondays @ 8pm ET.

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