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Strikeforce: Frank Shamrock Admits He “Looked Slow And Old” Against Nick Diaz


The former UFC champion Frank Shamrock was recently defeated by Nick Diaz via TKO as part of the Strikeforce main event held last Saturday, April 11.  In one of the most dominating performances, Diaz looked as if he were toying with Shamrock throughout most of the fight using his excellent boxing skills.  At no point during the fight was Diaz placed in any sort of danger and Shamrock admits to the fact that his game looked pretty much weak amongst the more younger opponent.

Many have asked Shamrock if he was going to retire after such a disappointing performance.  Although he admits that he was defeated fair and square, he still feels that he is ready come back next time stronger than ever.  MMA still runs through Shamrock’s blood and he is simply not ready to give up just yet.

Snip from Frank Shamrock:

“I did get to watch the fight this morning.  It was as I remember it to be.  I looked slow and old.  He looked young and active.  His game was good.  Mine not.  Everyone wants to know what i am going to do!  Will i fight again?  Are you done?  I dont think so!  Its gonna be the same thing I have been doing for the past 15 years.  Back to the gym after vacation and back to work.  I love fighting and MMA.  This is what happens when you risk stuff and sometimes you get your butt whopped.  This is the best time I have ever had in my life and this is the best life i have ever had.  I am a believer.”

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