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Shane Carwin: “Talent-Wise I Respect Brock Lesnar, But He Needs A Filter Put On His Words”

Shane Carwin

UFC 106 looks to be heating up as UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar made some harsh comments regarding his next opponent Shane Carwin.  He thinks Carwin is a “tough guy” but he believes that he hasn’t faced top competition in his MMA career.  Carwin respects Lesnar as the fighter he is and recognizes the many skills Lesnar possesses.  However, he is starting to get a bit annoyed with his judgment on the fighters he has faced in the past.

From Shane Carwin:

“Brock is not good with math. Thankfully, the UFC and WWE have paid him enough money to get a math tutor. I know I wasn’t walked through the front door of the UFC with people holding the door for me. I wasn’t fed fights that sell pay-per-views. I was matched up by promoters and took whatever they put in front of me. One of those fights was the former enforcer for the Mongols Motorcycle Club. His previous fight ended when Mongols in the crowd started fighting and stabbing people. For Brock to say that I have hand-picked my fights is just stupid. I got my start in the WEC and I have fought everyone the UFC put in front of me. I have fought three times as many people then Brock has. If he wants to disrespect the opponents I have fought, that is his choice. I say any man or woman that enters that cage to face an opponent is worthy of my respect. They have trained hard, and to disrespect MMA fighters is disrespecting the sport of MMA. What I can tell you is, talent-wise I respect Brock (Lesnar), but he needs a filter put on his words.”

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