Sean Sherk Appeal is pushed to November 13

The current UFC lightweight champion, Sean Sherk, was tested positive for steroids after defending his title to Hermes Franca back in early July.  Sherk pulled off a unanimous decision win at UFC 73-stacked (results and pics), but is in danger of having his belt stripped if found guilty.  The original decision by the CSAC was to suspend Sherk for 1 year and fine him $2500 USD for having an excess amount of Nandrolone in his system. 

After attending his hearing yesterday, the CSAC felt that more time was needed to come about with a decision.   Sherk wasn’t all too happy with the postponement as he felt that the commissioners weren’t doing their job professionally.  There was paperwork handed over to the commission prior to his meeting, but somehow they didn’t have any copies that Howard Jacobs (Sean Sherk’s attorney) had given to them.  Within minutes, the commissioners decided that it was best to push the hearing over to a later date.  Sherk’s plans of fighting BJ Penn looks to vanish in front of his very own eyes.   He had high expectations of having his case over with, but he will have to be patient as there is nothing he can do until the committee comes about with a final decision on November 13, 2007.

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