Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca Test Positive for Steroids

Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca were tested for steroids by the California Athletic commission.  According to the commission, Hermes Franca’s results were positive for an illegal substance used to heal his ankle.
In a statement to the public, he stated:

“At this point I was desperate and needed anything I could to get my
injury as close to healing as possible and be able to recover from the
daily training regimen I was going through. I made the shortsighted
choice to hopefully accelerate the healing process and allow me to keep
training. Under the pressure of literally not being able to pay next
months bills I made a choice. I had to fight and did whatever I could
to do so.
I hope my fans, students, the UFC and the public accept my
sincere apology. Whatever punishment is dictated by the California
Athletic Commission I will understand. I would like to get through this
very difficult time and the times ahead and get back to fighting. All
the best to my fans and much thanks to my family and friends that
continue to support me during these times.”

Sean Sherk was also tested positive for steroids and will be looking for a suspension as well.  According to the California Athletic commission, Sherk had 12 ng/ml of Nandrolone Metabolite when the normal levels are only 2 ng/ml.   When asked to give his reason for the steroid use, he denied he took such a substance and stated he had never heard of such a drug.

Both Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca will be appealing their cases.  Franca will probably appeal to lessen his penalties since the minimum of steroid use is 1 year.  Sherk will try to appeal the accusation as he continues to deny the use of any sort of steroid.

Sean Sherk is scheduled to fight B.J. Penn for the Lightweight belt, but if suspended…the belt will probably be up for grabs.  This will be something Dana White and the UFC must discuss after they receive the official results of the suspensions.

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