Rich Franklin Felt He “Did Enough And Should Have Won The Second And Third Rounds” Against Dan Henderson At UFC 93

In the UFC 93 main event clash between Rich "Ace" Franklin and Dan "Hollywood" Henderson, Henderson acquired the split decision win after three rounds of war.  Although Franklin agrees that he did not win all of the rounds, he still feels that he won at least two out of the three. 

Henderson seemed to have dominated the rounds with excellent striking and various takedowns, but Franklin argues that he never felt threatened nor was Henderson effective both standing up and when he was taken to the ground.  The majority of the judges ruled in favor of Henderson because of how active he was both on his feet and on the mat.  However, the unhappy Franklin insists that he was in fact the true winner that night.  Although Franklin never felt dominated throughout the fight, he never seemed to have pushed the pace until the final minutes of the third round. 

Here's what "Ace" had to say about the decision:

"I don't think I won all three rounds, but I do think I did enough and should have won the second and third rounds…He (Dan Henderson) took me down, but he really didn't do anything once he had me there.  Nothing landed.  I was pretty much able to get up every time he took me down.  In the second round, I don't think he landed one punch when he sat in my guard.  He wasn't real active.  He just kind of covered me to make sure I didn't get back up."
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