Rashad Evans Wants to Fight Even If It’s Not Tito Ortiz

Rashad Evans wants to fight at least one more time before the end of this year.  Dana White had stated that there would be an immediate rematch between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz during their post-fight conference.  However, Tito has not yet renewed his contract with the UFC and due to this, it seems like the fight might not even happen at all.

Nothing is certain right now, but there are also speculations of Tito fighting Wanderlei Silva (another rematch where they fought 7 years ago) in December or possibly fighting someone else.

This is what Evans had to say when asked about his rematch with Ortiz:

“I don’t even know…I heard November, maybe December.
I don’t even know if he has his contract deal done yet. It’s on him,
honestly…I don’t have any injuries. I heard he was going to have another
fight, too. I don’t know what he plans on doing. I’m ready to fight…Everybody
was saying that Tito only lost because he had that point taken away in the
second, but I think that if he hadn’t grabbed the cage, it would have been
different.  I was kind of feeling alright during the second round, when I
was trying to take him down. I felt pretty confident … but the one thing I
didn’t do is plant my feet and trade…I just feel like he’s taking so long to
take this fight for a reason. He isn’t in a hurry to fight me…I definitely
want to get another fight in this year. I want to fight another good opponent.”

(props to mmaweekly)

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