Randy Couture Wants To Fight Fedor Emelianenko: “But if it doesn’t work out that way, that’s OK too”

Randy “The Natural”
his legal
 battle with the UFC in a goal to win his case and end the relationship
once and for all. Dana White wants him
to complete his contract, which has 2 fights remaining. However, Couture basically feels that he’s
gone through too many wars and wants to go after that one fighter everyone considers
the best—Fedor Emelianenko.

just doesn’t make sense for Couture to look for other fights at this point in
his career. He continues to publicize his
clothing line and has recently opened up his seventh Xtreme Couture gym. His goal is to continue promoting his brand
and spread his knowledge in mixed martial arts upon those who are currently training for bouts.

Cuban continues to help Couture out with his legal case and Affliction is
willing to set the dream fight every MMA fan wants to see. A fight between Randy Couture and Fedor
Emelianenko is the bout every true fan is dying to watch, so why not make it


Here’s what The Natural had to say:

"I’m confident I’ll fight again. I’m also OK
with the idea that it may not happen…I may get a bad (court) ruling and I can’t
really see myself at this point going back and fighting two more times for the
UFC if that’s what the state says I have to do. So there’s the potential I could
be done fighting and I’m OK with that too…I expect things will go well, that in
a right to work the state will rule that I have the right to go and work in my
chosen profession after the term of the contract and some time this fall
hopefully, with the help of Mark Cuban and maybe potentially Affliction … that
they’ll find a way to make the Fedor fight happen…I’m in a unique position in my
life and my career that I’ve kind of been there and done that as far as the
fighting goes…I still love to fight, I’m physically capable of doing it, so
having the passion I have for it, I want to do it. But if it doesn’t work out that
way that’s OK too…I’m not angry, life’s too short to get angry about it…Yeah,
Dana’s Dana, he says and does some emotional things that are hurtful sometimes
but I try to stay out of all that … It’s not a personal thing for me. I’m
doing what I think is right and in a lot of ways that makes me feel good and in
a unique position that hopefully will facilitate some changes for the fighters
that follow me…I turn 45 in June and I think that’s the reason the Fedor fight
makes a lot of sense for me at this stage of my career. I want to fight the best
guy right now. I don’t want to dally around and mess around with a lot of other
guys. To be considered the best, you’ve got to beat the best. And by most
people’s estimation right now, that’s Fedor Emelianenko, so bring him

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