Rampage Jackson’s Coach (Juanito Ibarra) talks about vengeance over Shogun and the Axe Murderer

Rampage Jackson is the new star over at the Ultimate Fighting Championships with 3 consecutive wins to his favor including huge wins over Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson.  Rampage has acquired both the current UFC Light Heavyweight title and the unification Light Heavyweight title that Henderson had at PrideFC.

So what’s next for Rampage Jackson??  At this point, he can only look to defend his belt as he awaits his next opponent.  There are speculations that Forrest Griffin may be next as he seems like the only one at this point who deserves his chance for a title shot.  However, things may be different in the eyes of the UFC President Dana White.  What about Mauricio Shogun or Wanderlei Silva?

Juanito Ibarra, Rampage’s coach, tells us that he feels very confident that Rampage is different and is without a doubt a much more improved fighter than what he was in Pride. 

"I’ve always said that our plan is to get vengeance, you know?  Our plan is to get everyone that beat us and our plan is to get Wanderlei Silva or Shogun next.  That’s just on my desire list, but I don’t know if those kids are ready or if they want to fight Rampage so we’ll have to see.  We’ll make a choice collectively with the matchmaker Joe and the promoter Dana and see what the choice is."  When asked if he’d prefer Shogun or Silva, he said "Either or.  Me personally, I would want Wanderlei, but I’ll be happy with either or."

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