Rampage Jackson: Being a Black Champion can be a problem to many in the U.S.

Rampage Jackson made history when he became the Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC after knocking out Chuck Liddell.  To many, it was a huge disaster for the white race because Chuck lost to a black man.

Rampage didn’t seem too upset with the topic and admitted that he had friends at sports bars that they felt threatened to stay as they were the only ones cheering when he won.

He stated:

I didn’t think nothing about it because it’s just a fight, it’s a job…I don’t even care…If the fans have a problem with racial issues, they need to grow up…I’m just trying to whoop some ass so I can get my payday” 

Michael Bisping was also asked on what he thought about the fight between Rampage and Chuck.  Bisping gave Rampage all the respect for knocking him out quickly in the first round.  He said he was with some friends watching the match and the crowd went crazy when Rampage knocked him out cold.  There didn’t seem like there were any racial issues on that part of town.

Hopefully all Americans start to view MMA as a professional sport and judge a fighter by his/her techniques and strategies as this isn’t the first time this issue has been brought up before.

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