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Palhares Tries To Be Fast With His Submissions, Hopes MMA Refs Are Quicker To Stop Fights As Well

Rousimar Palhares is still remembered for holding on to his last heel hook submission against Tomasz Drwal at UFC 111.  Palhares explains how he normally keeps his submissions locked in until the referee comes in to stop, so it’s not something he does purposely.  Instead, he believes that referees sometimes take too long to stop fights.  That’s not going to stop Palhares from attempting another one of his submission holds as he prepares to face Nate Marquardt as part of the UFC Fight Night 22 main event on September 15th, 2010.

From Rousimar Palhares:

“Murilo always told me to wait until the referee stops the fight. He had problems with [fake taps] in the past and Anderson almost had the same problem in his last fight. Its not that I want to hurt anyone but I am trying to be fast with my submissions so the referee needs to be fast as well, to stop the fight. My opinion is that the referee in my last fight was too far away and took too long to stop the fight. If he had been closer then he could have stopped it right away and then we would not even be having this conversation at all!”

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