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NSAC Takes No Further Action On Vaseline Scandal, BJ Penn Complaint Dropped


The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has failed to resolve the vaseline issue that took place at the UFC 94 ‘St. Pierre vs. Penn 2’ event.  During the main event bout at UFC 94, Georges St. Pierre’s cornerman was accused of placing excessive vaseline on St. Pierre’s chest, shoulder and back.  Although the inappropriate greasing was caught on camera, the case is non-arguable because it was not done intentionally.  It has been stated that it was not the fault of St. Pierre, but the fault of the cornerman.  It conclusion, it seems like no action will be taken by the NSAC on this “Greasegate” scandal.

Snip from NSAC chairman Bill Brady:

“This is a non-action, informational item, and therefore no formal action can be taken by the commission regarding this item.”

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