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Nogueira’s Coach Luiz Alves: “Our strategy Is Stay Away From The Fence” Against Randy Couture

Nogueira- boxing

Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira is prepared to take on Randy Couture at the upcoming UFC 102 main event this Saturday night.  Nogueira’s Muay Thai coach Luiz Alves believes that “Minotauro” has what it takes whether the bout goes to the ground or if it stays on their feet.  The only thing they are absolutely sure of when fighting Couture is to stay away from the fence.  Couture is known for his Greco-Roman skills and normally uses that to his advantage as he likes to push his opponent toward the cage and mix it up with some dirty boxing.

From Nogueira’s Muay Thai coach Luiz Alves:

“We think that Couture will fight standing against him, and Rodrigo thinks that too. Rodrigo is 100% prepared standing. I always said that this fight were good to Rodrigo, because Couture has no punch to knock him out, and Rodrigo boxes better than him… Rodrigo is prepared in the ground too and will work to submit, because Rodrigo has everything to submit him. Our strategy is stay away from the fence.”

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