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Nine Year Old MMA Fan Gives Ikuhisa Minowa 2009 DREAM Super Hulk Belt (Pictures)

At Dynamite!! 2009 Ikuhisa ‘The Punk’ Minowa squared off with Cameroonian fighter Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in the finals of the DREAM Super Hulk tournament.

In the first round Sokoudjou landed many strikes on the smaller fighter while Minowa attempted leglocks. At the end second round Minowa had Soukodjou in a kneebar but was cut off by the bell before he could adjust his grip. In the third round Minowa and Sokodjou both received two yellow cards (10% purse deduction for one) for inactivity 3 minutes into the round, but with 90 seconds left Minowa connected against Sokoudjou’s jaw with a left hook, dropping him to the ground for the TKO.

Unfortunately, no belt was awarded to Minowa for winning the Super Hulk tournament, but a nine year old fan from Saitama decided to create one for him instead:

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