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Elite XC News: Nick Diaz has a Staph Infection

Nick Diaz fought last Saturday at EliteXC -Uprising in Hawaii against Mike Aina and won via a split decision.  The day after winning his match, he left to Las Vegas to watch his brother Nathan Diaz fight at UFC Fight Night 11.  When he arrived, he was immediately taken to the hospital and was told he had a serious staph infection.

This is what Nick Diaz told media:

“I felt pretty crappy in my match in Hawaii but I figured it was jet
lag or maybe something I had eaten the night before. When I left Hawaii
the next day I was getting chills and had to be covered with several
blankets on the plane but I just kept having cold sweats. By the time I
got to Vegas the infection had ballooned up and so I went to the
hospital to have it checked out. They admitted me and I’ve been here
ever since”

It’s a good thing he was able to fight last Saturday at the EliteXC -Uprising event and pick up that win.  Let’s just hope Nick Diaz gets better real soon.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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