New Interview: Mirko Cro Cop Talks on “Dream” and His Future with MMA

Interview- Rough Translation:

There are some news about a new organization called Dream. How did you
establish a relationship?

People contacted me and asked if i was interested in a match. I accepted

terms and that was it. In the end, I was never hiding the fact that I
prefer fighting in the ring rather then in cage, which of course doesn’t mean I
won’t be back to the cage. But, I will do 3 fights for Dream. The main reason
was that UFC couldn’t offer me a fight before May and I insisted for it to be
March. I wanted to fight in 1-st of March and they couldn’t find an opponent so
quickly and there was only an option of fighting in May. That WAS the main

It was really good to watch you train. You look as if you put on some muscle


Yes, I feel very good. I’ve been training in full intensity for 6 months now.
I’ve dedicated myself only to that. I’ve recovered mentally and physically. I
was in a crisis last year. It simply wasn’t me. I had no desire to fight or
train. I did train, I don’t need to find excuses, but there simply was no will
for fighting or victory. Things have turned around now. I feel great and I
can’t wait for 15th of March.

What happens in heads of athletes? How do you get back after such defeats?


I dunno, I dunno what happens in athletes heads nor do I know the reasons that
apply to myself. It’s just a motivation more to be more prepared for the next

Expectations in the ring? What kind of opponent do you expect?


Quality opponents. Among others, Dream will have fighters such as Fedor,
Kharitonov, Hunt, Barnett, K-1 guys, Sefo, Lebanner, possibly Peter Aerts, so
it is possible that there will be very tough competition.


Say, when you had those 2 defeats against Gonzaga and Kongo, did you at any
time think of perhaps leaving the whole thing behind?


Well, yes, immediately after in the locker room. But after a few days, the
desire was only stronger. I have to say that many people asked me "Are you
quitting", "Leave it be", both people with good intentions and
bad intentions presenting themselves as good. I don’t see a reason to quit.
Should Federer quit tennis because Djokovic dominated him in 3 sets? Should
Federer quit because of that? Of course it is not the same to lose in tennis
and ultimate fight. But in the end, it’s my head and my body and i train and
fight and there is no reason to quit. I’m still young, 33 years old. For some
sports I’m too old, but in fighting sport a true maturity is achieved at 35,
still it depends on the person. Randy Couture managed at age of 44 to come back
and take the belt and he didn’t win by lucky punches but by 5 round domination.
So to be prepared for 5 rounds of ultimate fighting in fantastic. And
especially in the way Randy Couture did it and at age of 44. So there’s no
reason or talk about retiring. I will surely fight for few more years. I have a
great motivation and I’ve dedicated myself only to that. Everyone should be on
their guard for me and especially those 2 guys I lost to.

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