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MMA Trainer Greg Nelson Says Brock Lesnar Is Moving Around: “He’s Just Taking The Time To Properly Heal”


The UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has returned to his home back in Minnesota and is slowly recovering from a severe case of diverticulitis (an infection in the digestive tract), but wants to get back into the gym.  Greg Nelson, a two-time cancer survivor who leads Lesnar’s fight camps along with Erik Paulson and Marty Morgan, says that he told Lesnar to rest and relax, whether he likes it or not.

From Brock Lesnar’s MMA trainer Greg Nelson:

“[Brock Lesnar] He’s feeling much better, but he’s still on the mend and not really doing any kind of major training…He’s walking around and moving around. He’s not ready to jump into that cage, that’s for sure at this point…. I’m not 100 percent sure right now [when he’ll start training again]. We’re not really pushing it right now. We’re just letting things take their course so he can be 100-percent healthy when he starts to train. He’ll probably start lifting weights to get his strength built up and do the exercise bike when he starts to get going, and shadowbox when he gets to feel better. But right now, he’s just taking the time to properly heal…He’s real anxious of course, but that’s the worst thing you can do, is jump up and start going too quick and then break down again. It’s more of a burden for him to sit at home and not work out, but that’s the thing he has to do right now…Mentally, he wants to get back in there. He wants to jump in. You get a guy like that who’s used to being able to do whatever and moving around and train, throw hay around, whatever he wants to do, then you’re stuck inside your house… that’s tough. Mentally, it’s tough”

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