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Mike Brown Satisfied With WEC 46 Submission Win Over Anthony Morrison

The former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown bounced back this past weekend after losing his 145-pound belt to Jose Aldo at WEC 44.  Brown was able to capitalize against WEC newcomer Anthony Morrison, submitting him via a rear naked choke in under two minutes of the first round.  The American Top Team fighter was satisfied with his Sunday night performance and plans to slowly work his way up to a rematch fight against Aldo sometime down the road.

From Mike Brown:

“I was just feeling on tonight…Some nights you come to work, and you don’t feel on. This week, I felt on…I just felt great and was happy to be back in the ring and loving the experience. No matter what happened, I just felt great out there…[Aldo] is a great fighter…He beat me up, and I just didn’t feel on that night. I didn’t have it that night; I didn’t have that drive. The whole week, I didn’t have that like, ‘I feel good. This is mine.’ I was like, ‘Ah, what am I doing? I don’t know about this.’ I just didn’t feel it…That’s only happened to me once or twice in my career. Normally I’m there and fired up and ready to go. I have that fight in me. But that night? The old dog didn’t want to fight that night. I just wanted to kind of lay down and rest that night. But I’ll be back…I want to fight again in the meantime…[In regards to a possible title fight between Aldo and Urijah Faber] I’d love to get the winner of those guys, of course, but I don’t want to wait six, seven, eight months for them to fight and then to rest and then to fight me, as well. So I wouldn’t mind being busy…I’m a fighter…That’s my job, and I want to stay busy.”

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