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Michael Bisping and Denis Kang Exchange Words As They Clash At UFC 105 In Manchester (Nov. 14)

Bisping vs Kang

From Michael “The Count” Bisping:

“I think he’s a good test. I wanted to fight someone decent after Henderson because as I said, I had a great camp and I feel improved as a fighter in all departments. I wanted to prove that to the world but I didn’t, I went out there and got knocked out. So for my next fight I wanted a top name and get right back up there. I didn’t want to take a step down in opponent. Originally I was going to fight Wanderlei [Silva] as I’m sure you know, but he had surgery so it wasn’t to be. They came up with Denis Kang and I felt great. He is well respected, very good skill set, very good all-round fighter. MMA fans that are knowledgeable, that have followed the sport outside the UFC, will know him well and will know he is a tough test for anyone.”

From Denis Kang:

“I jumped at the opportunity as soon as it was put in front of me…. I think I am gonna beat his ass … whether he won his last fight or lost it. He is a good fighter, he has got cardio and he knows how to win a fight. He knows how to ride the momentum, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t say he is a standout in any area but he is decent in all areas and he has a good head for the game, which can take you a long way…. I always want to finish the fight but you know, he’s only got two losses and he went the distance with Rashad Evans. But I am going to go for the KO like Hendo!… To me he is not ‘cocky Michael Bisping,’ he is just a sack of flesh and bones across the Octagon that I am waiting to pound on.”

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