Mauricio Shogun Will Have Knee Surgery Today

Mauricio Shogun recently lost to Forrest Griffin in one of
the biggest MMA upsets this year.  Shogun lost and is eager to move on and
learn from his losses, but there is only one thing stopping him now.

According to earlier reports from his chute boxe academy, Shogun fought with an already injured knee.
Although his trainers told him not to fight, Shogun is the
type of person who wouldn’t back out from a fight even if he already agreed to
one.  It looks like Shogun needed surgery on his knee all along and today
he will undergo this procedure.  This is the news from


After losing his debut on UFC octagon, facing Forrest
Mauricio Shogun Rua will face today the surgery room. The Chute Boxe Athlete
will make a right knee surgery. “I’ll do it today. I hurt in a couple of months
training with my brother. My foot got stuck and when I turn my knee turned
too”, said Shogun, that doesn’t know when he will return. “I don’t know yet
when I’m will be back. I’ll make my recovering and come back to train making a
stand up game at lest” comment.

Asked about Chute Boxe bad luck in last month, with the defeat of Murilo Ninja,
Andre Dida, Fabio Silva, Helio Dipp and his own defeat, Shogun said “there is a
fell teams in the world that can put five fighters to fight in the same week.
We know ours mistakes and we’re going to correct then”, finalized Shogun.

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