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Mauricio Shogun Coach Andre Amado Says Karate Is Not Going To Defeat Muay Thai

In a recent interview with Mauricio Shogun’s Muay Thai coach Andre “Dida” Amado, he tells us about how the art of Muay Thai is a lot greater than Karate.   Amado also talks about Shogun’s hunger and deep desire to attain the UFC light heavyweight title and is confident that their camp has the right game plan to beat Machida.  It seems like the only way Machida will win is if he did his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu homework, which Shogun is already prepared for as well.

You can’t ask for more guys, two great fighters with top-notch styles…

From Shogun’s Muay Thai Coach Andre “Dida” Amado:

“Shogun is hungry for this fight, and we are already feeling the taste of the belt. Shogun shows in each training session the desire to beat Machida. I do not want to be in Machida’s shoes because Shogun will take this belt with his kicks. He knows that his karate is not going to defeat Muay Thai. In my coach’s opinion, he will want to work his jiu-jitsu with Shogun. I think he will not fight Muay Thai because he saw that in the last fight he was badly hurt and was not effective. So I think he will want to work his jiu-jitsu. We already have the strategy to beat Machida.”

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