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Mauricio Shogun Believes “Patience” Is Key To Defeating Lyoto Machida At UFC 104


Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is currently training for what may be the most difficult fight of his mixed martial arts career.  The former 2005 Pride Grand Prix middleweight champion looks to be very excited about his first UFC title shot.  He understands the difficulty in defeating Karate Master Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, but he believes that every opponent that faced him has lacked a sense of “patience.”

Shogun also explains the importance of “timing” when it comes to striking, especially against an elusive fighter like Machida.  Although Machida’s style is very hard to read, Shogun hopes to come up with a strategy that is good enough to “connect and make it a fight” at UFC 104.

Snip from Shogun himself:

“Most of the guys that fought Lyoto… found a problem with patience, with finding the right moment to attack, or to counter-strike him. Some guys try to rush it too much; some guys try to stay too patient, (and) they start to get nervous because of that…I think the key is the timing of the fight, to get the feeling of when to engage and when to counter-strike him. This is likely the key, to find the pace and the rhythm, mostly the timing of the strikes to be able to connect and to make it a fight. For sure, I’m going to concentrate on that and develop a good strategy…I get very happy with that, because when you get to the first five-rounder of your career, it means you’re fighting for the belt. I take it as a great thing. I always wanted to train for five rounds.”

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