Matt Serra talks about his injury and the upcoming UFC fight between Matt Hughes and George St. Pierre

So Matt Serra is out due to 2 herniated discs he suffered in his lower back during a training session.  He was forced to drop the upcoming UFC 79:Nemesis event and Dana White immediately found a replacement. 

George St. Pierre was the chosen candidate to face the very aggressive and focused Matt Hughes.  This upcoming fight between Hughes and GSP will be for the interim welterweight title until Serra recovers completely.  When Serra is 100% injury-free, he will fight the winner.  For now, Serra can only sit back, watch the fight and then recuperate fully.

Here’s a snip from Matt Serra himself:

Regarding his injury:

“Everything was going great…It was actually the UFC
Countdown show. They were filming me that day. They were…

here for two days and
the first day is when it happened…I wanted to work out at (Ray) Longo’s, doing
the calisthenics and the pad work and at nighttime I was doing my jiu-jitsu and
my wrestling. Everything went great and then they left. I was demonstrating a
move. I was showing somebody something from mount and next thing you know,
something felt like it clicked. I’ve never been stunned by a stun gun before,
but that’s kind of what it felt like I guess…My students had to help me up and
I got through the shower pretty painfully. My brother had to get my socks and
shoes on and then they took me home. Then, the next day, I went to the
hospital, got an MRI. I’ve got two herniated discs in my lower back…I gave it a
few days…I didn’t just call up and say it’s off…I’ve fought injured before, but
to what extent? I can’t even get my socks and shoes on. If I go in there it’s a
double-edged sword. It sucks not being able to fight. I’ve never had to do that
before. What sucks even worse is that it was with (Matt) Hughes…Nobody wants to
hear anything after the fight. ‘Oh yeah, but I was injured.’ Nobody wants to
hear that crap…What’s really depressing is it was going so well, the training…That
day of rolling, I go ‘I’ve got another month of doing this? Dude, I’m going to
get him.’ So confident, so eager, just looking forward to it.”

Regarding the bout between Matt Hughes and George St.

“I think that’s probably the only way they take that fight…Dana
(White) called me personally and he told me first. I don’t want to get mad at
anybody. If they want to do that and do it champion vs. champion and whatever,
they want to run with it, that’s cool. Let them do that, I could care less…I
almost don’t want to say anything because chances are GSP’s going to beat his
ass again, like worse than the first time, and I’m fighting GSP and not him…I’d
rather fight Matt for more than one reason…I’m positive I’ll be back.”

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