Matt Serra Given Clearance To Start Training For Matt Hughes

Matt "The Terror" Serra has been given the clearance to begin his intense training for Matt Hughes.  Serra had told media immediately after his fight to George St. Pierre that he had hurt his elbow during the fight at UFC 83.  Serra’s trainers have recently announced that he is now ready to get back into the gym and prepare for the battle both men have eagerly been waiting for. 

Hughes and Serra were the coaches of the Ultimate Fighter: Season 6 reality show.  Like always, the coaches fight each other once the season comes to an end.  Unfortunately, Serra suffered a severe back injury during one of his training sessions and was forced off the UFC 79:Nemesis fight card.  Serra and Hughes have unfinished business they need to settle.  There is still no official date on this welterweight clash, but both men are expected to fight later this year.

Here’s a snip from The Terror:

“I just got the clearance. I can start training again. I
just started getting back to it…I kind of screwed up my elbow in the GSP fight
a little bit. He took me down and I cracked him with, I believe with either the
first or second elbow I cracked him with, I did something to my ulna nerve. It
gives you a numbness up into the hand and I severely bruised a nerve. It seems
okay now…I’m getting back in shape now. I want two-and-a-half to three months
to train for that guy. I’m not losing to him. I don’t give a rat’s ass, no way.
Kill me first…We don’t like each other. We don’t like each other at all…I can’t
wait for the camp for it. I can’t wait for that fight. That’s something I’m
going to put my heart and soul into."

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