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Matt Hughes On Fighting Ricardo Almeida At UFC 117: “I’m Sure If He’s On The Ground He’ll Be Happier Than On His Feet”

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UFC welterweight fighter Matt Hughes is prepared to face Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) expert Ricardo Almeida as part of the UFC 117 fight card this upcoming Saturday night.  In his official website, Hughes updates us on his training and mentions the fact that he is the oldest fighter on the card.

Hughes understands how motivated Almeida is coming into this fight.  Almeida has been training under the Gracies and although the family is well known for their superior BJJ, Hughes is recognized for defeating two Gracies in MMA competition including Almeida himself at a grappling match in Abu Dhabi.  Hughes is prepared to take the fight wherever it goes, but he believes that Almeida will try to take him on the ground somehow and stay on top of him.

From Matt Hughes:

“Training was great for this fight. Had some tough workouts at my gym and also went out to Salt Lake City and got to train with Jeremy, his guys and Matt Pena. My three corners for this fight will be Robbie Lawler, Matt Pena and Jeremy Horn. I really feel that my cornermen are the best in the business.

Just did a little interview with my hometown paper, one of the questions was asking how I felt about being the oldest man on the card. I turned around and said that I appreciated him pointing that out to me and that I hadn’t even thought about it. To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me. I guess I’m just glad I’ve been able to have as long of a career as I have. So many other people out there who have fought in the UFC wouldn’t even think of fighting as long as I have. So I guess I look at it as a privilege.

I think Ricardo will be hungry for this fight, I’ve beaten two Gracies and a teammate and, back about ten years ago, I beat Ricardo himself in a grappling match in Abu Dhabi. So on one hand he’s got a lot of motivation and on the other he sees what I just listed and knows I’m a threat. I think he will come at me hard and try to get me down to the ground somehow. He wants to be on top of me, but I’m sure if he’s on the ground he’ll be happier than on his feet.

I don’t think my weight cut will be hard for this fight, as I’ve been doing good with my exercise and diet.”

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