Matt Hughes chose George St. Pierre for UFC 79 fight, GSP is ready for Matt Hughes despite short notice

Matt Hughes has claimed that he selected George St. Pierre as his next opponent as soon as he heard that Matt Serra would be scratched off the UFC 79-Nemesis fight card.  This is what Hughes had to say:

“I found out and was told that I get to basically pick my opponent…The UFC had called some welterweights, some said they wouldn’t take the
fight; but ultimately I got to choose and I chose Georges St. Pierre. I
asked to fight GSP…I think there are a few things that will be in my favor in doing this I get to fight in Vegas, what I consider my home fighting area, not Canada…Before I was fighting a guy holding the belt, now I’m fighting a guy
that I consider number two in the world. Anyone who thinks this fight
will be like the second fight with GSP will be shown wrong on December
29th.  This is my fight."

Hughes and GSP have a history together as they have confronted each other twice before.  Hughes won the first time around via a submission-armbar in the first round at UFC 50.  GSP was able to come back and redeem himself at UFC 65, where he defeated Hughes via TKO-strikes in the second round.  This next fight is pretty much for all the marbles as they both want to settle this war once and for all. 

Here’s a snip from GSP himself:

“I have no injuries, I’m in great shape, my life is in order and I’ve been training really hard…The only thing I was not doing is I was not eating as well as I should…But genetically I’m lucky…I don’t get fat, I don’t have any health problems. I’m in the best shape in my life now, I’m sharp in training.”

GSP has also stated before that he has been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this war for the interim welterweight title turns out. 

For more information regarding the UFC 79:Nemesis fight card, click here

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