Matt Hamill tore his ACL in MMA fight against Michael Bisping

Matt Hamill has torn his ACL and it will most likely require surgery, but the funny thing is that his doctors say that he had torn it prior to the fight against Michael Bisping.  How the hell did he even fight like this??

Hamill is definitely a true warrior in my book because it takes a lot of courage to give it all he had to simply step into the octagon with practically one good knee.  Let’s give Hamill even more credit now as he fought with a ripped up ACL and to many, he really won the fight!

It seems like Hamill won’t be back to fight in the rematch anytime soon against Bisping.  The estimated time of recovery will be from 6-8 months.  Best of luck to Hamill and his road to recovery, but we will definitely not forget about the rematch as we await his return to the octagon.

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