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Marius Zaromskis Says Perfect Timing Is Key To Beating Nick Diaz At Strikeforce ‘Miami’ On January 30

Marius Zaromskis is well known for his accurate strikes, knocking out his last three opponents via devastating head kicks in mixed martial arts competition.  Although his kicks have served him as a lethal weapon in the past, he admits that it is definitely not something he depends on all of the time.

Zaromskis expects a very serious chess match come January 30th at Strikeforce ‘Miami’ as he looks to face Nick Diaz for Strikeforce’s vacant welterweight title.  The Lithuanian MMA fighter won Dream’s 2009 Welterweight Grand Prix and became their inaugural Dream Welterweight Champion by defeating Seichi Ikemoto at Dream 8, and then both Hayato Sakurai and Jason High at Dream10.  He believes that in order to beat Diaz, he’ll have to depend on perfect timing for his attacks.

From Marius Zarmskis:

“Head kicks are not part of my actual strategy in the fight. It’s something that I’m aware that I have as a weapon … (but) I don’t look for anything. I just see an opening, and when I see an opening, I time it with the head kick. The fighters don’t leave as many openings now because they’re aware of the kicks. Now I feel like it’s going to be even more of a challenge to try and find the perfect timing. That’s what makes this fight interesting. The chess match in stand-up is, who’s going to fall for it and who’s not? … That’s the part I believe is most important”



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