UFC 75: Marcus Davis interview about upcoming fight against Paul Taylor

The fight between Marcus Davis and Paul Taylor had to be one of the most exciting match-ups on Saturday night at UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion.  Both of these guys fought with tremendous courage as either fighter could have won. Just when most of us thought that Marcus Davis was completely gone when kicked to the neck by Taylor, that’s when Davis surprisingly made his move for a win.   Taylor crushed Davis’ face into the mat followed by at least 10 continuous punches right after the kick, but that just wasn’t enough to put the “Irish Hand Grenade” away.  Davis quickly turned the tables by submitting him with an arm bar. Terrific turnaround by the 170-pound Irish warrior as he wins his 10th fight in a row.

This is what Marcus Davis had to say:

“ I don’t think it was how hard the kick was. It was just where it was placed. If the kick actually hit me in the head, I don’t think it would have hurt me since I’m used to taking a baseball bat to the head…. As soon as I hit the ground my head was clear, even when he was hitting me with shots, and that’s why I think Yves Lavigne never stopped him…. When I first hit the ground… I was actually in shock…. I wasn’t able to move my head, but he wasn’t getting any power into those hammer strikes. I think that’s why he didn’t stop it immediately. ”


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