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Lyoto Machida’s Father Yoshizo Says He Must Fight Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are UFC champions in each of their weight classes and are also considered to be very close friends and MMA training partners.  Due to their elusive fighting techniques, many MMA fans have been asking for a super fight between both of these brilliant fighters.  However, these Brazilian champions continue to say that they would never fight each other because of their friendship.  According to Machida’s father, Yoshizo Machida, he strongly feels that they should indeed face each other sometime down the line.

From Yoshizo Machida:

“There is only one champion, so I believe this fight must happen. It’s a professional issue, and I believe they can fight. Deep down, everyone wants to know who is strongest. Friendship is friendship, but they’re not amateurs. The eventual winner isn’t my concern. What matters to me is how they win, and their strategy. This would be a mental battle…Karate also has its weaknesses, and no one had seen them up until now. Shogun exploited them, and deserves congratulations.Had Shogun fought as he normally does, with his arms, Lyoto would’ve knocked him out in the first or second round. We did not expect him to kick that much and neglected the karate defense, which is different from the Muay Thai defense. Before the kick, you move up and stop the attack.”

Let’s just wait and see what happens at UFC 113.  Will Lyoto beat Shogun in their rematch and defend his title?  Or will Shogun have what it takes to claim the UFC light heavyweight belt for the very first time in his career?

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