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Lyoto Machida Ready To Make His Octagon Return, Eager To Have The UFC 205 Pound Title Around His Waist Again

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida seems to have put his first defeat to the side  and return to the cage to do what he loves best.  His manager Ed Soares comments on ‘The Dragon’ and tells us how he’s ready to fight any opponent that is handed to him.  Machida’s goal is to continue fighting the best and is confident that the 205-pound title will be around his waist again sometime in the near future.

From Lyoto Machida’s manager Ed Soares:

“He told me now he feels like a complete fighter. He knows what it’s like to win, he knows what it’s like to be a champion, and now he knows what it’s like to lose. He feels like a complete fighter, and I know without a doubt he’s going to come back a better fighter, and it’s just a matter of time before he has that belt around his waist again…. He’s out here training, we’re ready to go right now. He’s ready to fight whoever, he wants to fight the best too …  he’ll fight whoever. When the UFC is ready, they’ll give us that shot. We’d love to fight him right now, but whoever the UFC gives us is fine.”

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