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Leonard Garcia Wants To Fight Korean Zombie Again After WEC 48 War “But Maybe In The Future”

The Mexican-American fighter Leonard Garcia and ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung collided last Saturday night as part of the WEC 48 preliminary card.  Both fighters put a up a slugfest for all MMA fans to remember for a very long time and they plan to do it again sometime in the near future.

Garcia admitted that his war against the ‘Korean Zombie’ has made him build a closer relationship, like a “blood brother in a way.”  We’ll be sure to someday watch the rematch fight between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung down the road, whenever that may be.

From Leonard Garcia:

“He (Jung) told me how ever since he seen the Huerta fight, he’s wanted to fight me. He said it was his destiny to fight me and he was happy that we had such a great war. He said (laughing), and I told him the same thing, but we basically said we gotta see each other again, but neither one of us was eager to see one another anytime soon (laughing). I was speaking to him through his translator, but he told me the same thing. He said he didn’t have a real urge to fight me right away, but maybe in the future, we can do it again…Like I said, fights like that, you don’t have a choice but to become close to the person. You almost become blood brother in a way. Roger Huerta and I have a bond that’s going to carry with us forever and I think this fight was even better than that one. I think me and Jung are going to be friends for a long time to come.”

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