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Leonard Garcia Comments On WEC 48 War Against Chan Sung Jung (Hospital Pic)

The picture above was taken at the hospital where both fighters were taken immediately after their fight…

Leonard Garcia comments on the war he had with the ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung at WEC 48.  Both fighters provided fans with one of the most craziest slugfests in mixed martial arts.  For those of you who missed the WEC 48 ‘Fight of the Night’, I highly recommend you watch it as soon as you get a chance.

From Leonard Garcia:

“For me to be able to put on shows and fight and have guys who are gonna fight me like that guy, that’s a dream come true for me. I always said I wondered what it would be like to break my hand in any round and have to continue on in the fight. I told Coach ‘I think my right hand’s broken’ and he was like ‘It’s gonna be broken until the fight ends anyway so you gotta go in there and finish.’ I felt like he hit me with some shots that would have put anyone else down and I hit him with some shots that would have put anyone else down. He’s a great fighter, I think he’s gonna grow a lot. I heard some boos in the audience. I’m not here for judge’s decisions, I’m here to make fans, to give the best fights to my ability and that’s what I felt like I did tonight.”



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