Kenny Florian On Joe Lauzon And BJ Penn: “I’m Not Going To Have Anyone Disrespect Me”

Joe Lauzon has a 6-fight winning streak going and it seems like nobody can
stop him at this point.  On the other hand, Kenny Florian has a 3-fight
winning streak of his own and plans to follow up with a fourth if
he’s able to get a defeat over Lauzon this Wednesday night at the Ultimate Fight Night 13 event. 

Kenny Florian sounds pretty relaxed as he prepares for one of the most difficult match-ups in his MMA career.  He is extremely eager to get this fight going because he has been noticing
some disrespect coming from both BJ Penn and Lauzon.  There is no doubt in Florian’s mind that he wants to set the record straight once and for all.  Not only does he want to show Lauzon that he can’t be looking past him, but he wants to let the entire lightweight division know as well. 

Another win for any of these fighters could get them closer to that title.  This will surely be a must-see main event fight between two great lightweight contenders.

Here’s a snip from Kenny Florian:

“I really don’t feel any pressure for this fight coming up…I
feel great. This is my fourth or fifth main event now for the UFC, so it’s just
another big fight for me. I don’t want to lose any fight and I want to win as
much as I do for any fight…For the lightweight division, for Joe I wouldn’t be
surprised if he feels more pressure than I do…Really, I feel as relaxed as I’ve
ever been. For Joe this is his first main event in the UFC, for him to lose
this fight, he can go down and maybe fight a Joe Stevenson and have to prove
himself against a Joe Stevenson to get back into the rankings. And then he
faces another loss, that could be the last time he ever fights in the UFC…I’d
be more than happy just to keep on fighting top guys before I get a title shot…Obviously,
that’s what I want. I want to beat the best guys. I want to be the best guy in
the division. I know Joe Lauzon said a little bit of things and it kind of fired
me up and I’m ready to go…But now here’s a kid looking past me. He’s training
with B.J. Penn and apparently he’s become B.J. or whatever it is and they’re
looking past me. You know what? If they do that, B.J.’s going to end up sending
Joe Lauzon to the slaughter, because I’m not going to have anyone disrespect me
like that or anyone going into a fight thinking they’re just going to run right
by me.”

(props to

UFN 13 is expected
to boost up television ratings with the way the fight card looks.
Originally, the UFN 13 event was going to air for the usual 2 hours.
With great success, Dana White and his UFC team were able to compromise
with the
Spike TV network to bring us a 3-hour special.

For more information on UFN 13 and its fight card, click here

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