Joe Rogan Fed Up with the boos

Joe Rogan has been furious with the amount of boos from UFC fans here in the United States.  The art of grappling, wrestling and ground work performed within a fight,  shows how much technique is involved amongst fighters.  Stand-up fighting is always exciting where both opponents exchange punches and kicks, but that is not always the case with every fighter.
Some fighters may use Brazilian Jiu-jitsu strategies to submit their opponents and that’s just something that not every MMA fan appreciates or understands.

Here is something Joe Rogan posted on his Myspace bulletin that we thought would be interesting to share.  Joe Rogan’s thoughts to the entire UFC public in the United States:

“You see, I hate all these fans who boo the events. This past
weekend, Sacramento was by far the worst display of this action I had
ever witnessed in UFC history! It was just bizarre! I addressed the
fans about this in an interview I was giving on Live television after a
fight. I don’t remember my exact words, but something along the lines
of… “Just ignore these fans, half of them are drunk and stupid.” I do
remember, although, getting in trouble by the “people” above later that
night after the event had aired. Taking my permission to address the
fans in this way again in any future UFC events. But I think it’s a
huge problem the fans seem to have here in America. A problem they need
to be addressed with. When they get alcohol running through the veins,
they turn into poor critics!

All I would like to say for those who view my page, or those who are
fans of the sport. Whether you fall victim to this behavior or you to,
are one who boo’s, is…

Don’t boo! Your just showing how much of an asshole you can be. Your
showing how immature and how new you are to the sport. You are not
entertaining anyone. You are showing that alcohol can make decisions
for you. I highly suggest for anyone, whether you boo or not, don’t
drink before a UFC event. Or any sporting event for that matter! Smoke
a blunt! Smoke a joint! Smoke something, use a gas mask, use a bong,
doesn’t make a difference! But smoking… over alcohol is smart, think
about it. Not only will you remember the entire event, but nothing
after that moment will seem boring to you again. I wish the arena and
state would allow selling of Marijuana over Alcohol. This way the fans
will be peaceful people, not jumping off of balconies, or fighting in
parking lots. They will enjoy the entire event, no matter how much “lay
and pray” is being mastered.

Foremost, for those of you who do boo. It’s nonsense! I don’t see one
of you boo’ers in the cage fighting. You are all pussies and or bitch’s
who stay behind the railing and out of combats way! You couldn’t even
begin to realize how tough these fighters are! You sure know how to boo
them and talk about how much they suck. But you wont get in the cage to
prove how much they suck, will you? These guys are warriors, complete
warriors! I’m sure those of you who do boo, are the one’s who also
stayed away from trashcans when you were a freshman in high school,
right? Show some respect!”

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