Is Wanderlei Silva Back?

Wanderlei Silva is almost ready to come back and fight all over again.  What is he doing now you might ask?  He’s looking for a place to live and train within the United States.
The former Pride champion narrowed his selection down to two places, which will most likely be either Florida or Nevada.

He’s a bit ticked off with people like Dana White who keep accusing him of holding back the fight between him and Chuck Liddell.

According to, he stated:

 I would fight him in September…But because of my
move I asked to fight him later — maybe at the end of this year — or
maybe not. I don’t know. It depends on the UFC….
I will not run away from
him (Chuck Liddell), not now, not ever. I respect him. He is a very good athlete, a
tough guy, and that’s why he was the UFC champion for such a long time.
I want to fight him when I’m 100 percent ready, no excuses…
I waited on him for two years, and now he can’t wait for me for two
months?…That’s OK. I’ll be in
USA now, preparing myself to fight him, but if he doesn’t want to, or
if this fight would be not interesting anymore, I’ll fight against
anybody, no problem…
I’m going through changes, fixing my personal life, but I’m
OK…I’m very focused, training a lot and I’ll be
ready soon. I want to show all my potential, and give a great show,
because this is what the fans expect from me. I hope to live up to
their expectations.

Wanderlei Silva seems just about ready to get back into it after suffering two huge knockouts by both Mirko Cro Cop and Dan Henderson in the past few months.  Silva wanted some personal time to relax and  train at his own pace and he seems just about ready.  Can’t wait for the Axe Murderer to come back!!!

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