Interview with UFC fighter George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre was recently interviewed and was asked a few general questions regarding his career and how he trains for his opponents.  He mentions that there is a possibility of him fighting in Canada next year.  As Dana White had previously said that GSP wouldn’t fight in Montreal, the UFC constantly changes certain aspects and even fight cards as time goes by.

You can notice in this interview what GSP has done in his life to work to the top of his game at this point in his career.  He shows a great deal of respect for
the sport and admits that he is a totally different person inside and
outside the cage.

GSP was the former Welterweight Champion, winning the title for the
very first time when he defeated Matt Hughes at UFC 65.  Unfortunately, he
lost his title to Matta Serra when he tried to defend
his championship belt for the very first time in his career.  Now GSP
is training harder than ever with Team Jackson, where big MMA
fighters train such as Keith Jardine , Nathan Marquardt, Rashad Evans as well as
other well known fighters.  He states that he doesn’t “make the same
mistake twice” as he trains for whoever his next opponent may be.


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