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Gilbert Yvel Set To Debut At UFC 108 and He’s Ready To Knock Out Junior Dos Santos

The Dutch mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran fighter Gilbert ‘The Hurricane’ Yvel currently holds an overall MMA record of 30-13-1.  With over 40 professional MMA fights under his belt, the kickboxing expert has only one thing on his mind as he prepares to make his UFC debut this upcoming Saturday night.  Yvel told media that he wants to start out the new year fresh and he’ll do so by knocking out Junior Dos Santos at UFC 108.  Will Yvel be able to add a second loss to Dos Santos’ record or will the tables turn on his prediction?

From Gilbert Yvel:

“What better way to prove myself than to knock out Dos Santos…He’s a strong guy; he’s a tough guy. If I play my game and I be relaxed, and listen (to my corner) through the whole thing, I won’t, I hope there won’t be no problems because he is a good fighter, but his stand-up game is not in my league…We can play that game all night. I don’t see any trouble…For sure I’m going to knock him out…I do MMA to knock somebody out, because then you know you won. He’s on the ground. He’s sleeping, you’re standing, and it’s better than after two rounds the judge says to tell you who is better…If I knock him out then I did my job and nobody can say anything.”

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