George St. Pierre Defeats Jon Fitch At UFC 87, BJ Penn Could Be Next

UFC 87 "Seek and Destroy" took place on Saturday night at the Target center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The main event headlined George "Rush" St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch for the UFC’s welterweight title.  St. Pierre came into this fight as a favorite over Fitch and he proved to be the better man that night indeed. 

Fitch came into this fight with eight consecutive UFC wins and was just one fight away from becoming the first UFC fighter to acquire nine.  Royce Gracie was the only other UFC fighter to ever win eight wins in a row.  Royce suffered a shoulder injury during his win over Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3, which forced him to take a loss over Harold Howard in the next round that same night. 

As for Fitch, he stood toe to toe with St. Pierre and kept the action going on the ground as well.  Throughout most of the fight, Fitch was constantly fed with several hits to the face either through jabs and kicks in their stand-up or through ground and pound.  There were times during the fight that GSP would drop bombs filled with punches, but he just couldn’t put Fitch away.  Just when you thought the referee would come in and stop the fight, Fitch would hold his composure and defend himself with tremendous heart and courage.  GSP knew it wasn’t going to be easy to put away Fitch before coming into the fight, but he did however take home the victory after 5 rounds of war.  The French-Canadian adds another win to his record and improves to 17-2.

So what’s next for George St. Pierre??

Immediately after GSP’s bout with Jon Fitch, BJ Penn stepped into the octagon requesting a rematch bout.  Penn has been desperately waiting for a second fight with GSP ever since he lost to him via a split decision at UFC 58.  Penn was not hesitant when he called out GSP, "Let’s do it Let’s put the fight together. Let’s get it together!"  The UFC welterweight champion responded by stating ""I’m ready to fight everybody, everybody who deserves a shot…I know B.J. Penn wants it, and I’m ready to do it. … I don’t want to duck anyone. I’m a proud champion."  A bout between GSP and Penn would be marked as one of the most highly anticipated fights of mixed martial arts.  We’ll keep you guys posted on a possible fight date between both of these warriors.  Mixed martial arts just keeps getting better and better…



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