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Gegard Mousasi Ready For Next Strikeforce Fight, Talks ‘Fedor vs. Rogers’ (Nov. 7)


The current Strikeforce 205-pound champion Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi is set to fight again for the Strikeforce promotion.  Although there is no official opponent for him just yet, it has been confirmed that he will indeed fight on the November 7th fight card.  This same card will headline a heavyweight bout between Strikeforce newcomer Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko vs. undefeated fighter Brett “The Grim” Rogers.

Mousasi has been rumored to fight Kevin Randleman, but other possible opponents have also been announced including Paulo Filho, Mike Whitehead and Ricardo Arona (even though he has not signed with Strikeforce yet, but is currently in talks with Strikeforce).

From Gegard Mousasi:

“On this level everybody is a threat in a fight.  It’s better to look at yourself instead of your opponent…After my win against ‘Babalu’ (Sobral), I’ve noticed that I have gotten more American fans. A lot of people didn’t know me but winning against the favorite, Babalu, it gave me extra attention. There were some people that weren’t convinced yet but I’m happy to show them my ability. I like to read all the great reactions and that people believe in me. It really motivates me and I feel I’m just making my entrance. I still have a long road to go. [In regards to Fedor Emelianenko fighting in the main event] Unfortunately I don’t have the main event yet because the honor goes to Fedor and to be honest I don’t mind it a bit…It’s an interesting match-up… I hope I don’t break any bones in my fight so I can see the fight (Fedor vs. Rogers) live myself.”

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